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FACT:  Beautiful HDR (High Definition Resolution) Aerial Photos and Professional HDR Indoor Photos Cause Hotel
Guests to Choose Your Property First!
FACT: We’ll provide 3 aerial HDR photos for you to review! No cost for this service!
FACT: HDR video provides a dynamic quality to your social media platforms, your website, and other aspects of your media outreach!

Breathtaking Aerial HDR Photography

According to a survey of frequent travelers and hotel managers, conducted in May of 2019 by the Sky Eye Network, respondents chose AERIAL IMAGES as “standing out” and “catching their attention” over 90% of the time!

Aerial Photography
Makes your Hotel
Stand Out

Drones can be used to take scheduled footage of your property for maintenance needs, used to document ongoing exterior construction/remodeling projects, and/or to record special outdoor events.

Showing Off Your
Best Assets Sells!

With small, unmanned aerial systems (sUAS), you can capture aerial photos. In the process, sUAS, more commonly known as drones, capture unique perspectives that make your hotel or resort stand out.

When travelers choose your property based, in part, on this unique perspective, it provides them peace of mind and heightens their overall experience. Not only that, but drones can be leveraged by you for maintenance, inspections, and event security.